Seen at Senthé… Lydia!

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Lydia Gallant

What I do at Senthé
A bit of everthing! I am the owner, so, you know… I am at the counter or the kitchen as needed.

What I do when not at Senthé
I study go, read fanfics or play stupid brain games on my phone. I try to go to the gym regularly, but yeah.

My tea
It’s hard to decide! Depending on my mood, I mostly drink either Kamairicha, Kangaita or Shui Xian.

My breakfast
I either get a smoothie bowl with soy milk, or a BELT. Like a BLT, with an Egg.

My meal
Chicken panini on a wrap, with a soup or salad.

My dessert
I like the Welsh Cake, it’s a new-ish one and it’s delicious when warmed-up!

My game
Go ^^

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