Seen at Senthé… Thom!

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Thom Hardman

What I do at Senthé
I am in early whipping up meringue and knocking down pizza dough; rolling out pastry and if I feel fancy, burning things with a blow torch. I try to keep a variety in what I cook; with my Brittish heritage in the Scottish scones and Welsh cakes, to the French influences patisseries reflecting my working experiences all the way to the favorites from Québec that I’ve come to love.

What I do when not at Senthé
I am fascinated and deeply passionate about juggling and circus. I’ve been performing and teaching Contact Juggling in particular since 2004 and have branched out to combine it with dance and more theatrical techniques. When the mood takes me, I have an auld Scottish fiddle and a mandolin I use to drown out the cat’s complaining, and also a shelf of books about European witchcraft during the Medieval period.

My tea
I like Lapsang Souchong.

My breakfast
Orange zest and chocolate Scones.

My meal
A plate with a mix of all the new salads.

My dessert
I love chocolate and apple Macarons!

My game
I’ll play an agressive round of Carcassonne, anytime!

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