Seen at Senthé… Lydia!

Discover who we are, one at a time

Lydia Acherar

Yes, there are two Lydias! 🙂

What I do at Senthé
I’m right there at the front! I’ll give the menu, take the orders, prepare the teas and explain what we’re all about! Between the tea house, the restaurant, the art gallery, the boutique and the game zone, sometimes there is a need for some explanations.

What I do when not at Senthé
I am a student. When I have a bit of free time, I try to do some sports to disconnect my brain or go sight-seeing around the country.

My tea
The Kangaita.

My breakfast
The BLT on ciabatta.

My meal
The vegan panini.

My dessert
The almond financier.

My game
I like to play tennis.

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