Seen at Senthé… Patrick!

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Patrick Leblanc

What I do at Senthé
You can find me waiting tables and preparing  tea on my work days. You might even find me playing go on my days off.

What I do when not at Senthé
My life is scattered between a violin case, a goldsmith’s bench and a translator’s desk, to name only three of the many interests that cut into my sleep time. I also foster an obsession for both tea and go.

My tea
My tea of choice tends to change with my mood, but Macao, Hojicha and Lapsang Souchong are mainstays in my rotation.

My breakfast
The breakfast panini with a yogurt.

My meal
The vegetable panini with a soup of the day.

My dessert
The almond cake.

My game
Go, perhaps unsurprisingly.

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