Seen at Senthé… Nassima!

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Nassima Amir

What I do at Senthé
Fo almost a year now, I’ve been coming to Senthé about 4-5 days a week. In the beginning it was mostly to play go, drink some delicious teas and eat brownies, but for about 2 months now I work in the kitchen. I’m lucky enough to work with Senthé’s nice staff 3 times a week and I still come to the Sunday go club and to go classes with korean professional Yoonyoung Kim. Senthé is home away from home and lots of my friends also come here.

What I do when not at Senthé
I split my life bewteen work as an independant illustrator – I paint illustrations for board games, book covers and posters – and my passions : go and music. I am an artist and for me go is also and art in which one must be creative and where we can learn and grow (almost) indefinitely.

My tea

My breakfast
The morning-wrap, but on gluten free bread.

My meal
The vegan panini on gluten free bread.

My dessert
I love Senthé’s brownies and the almond cake.

My game
Go all the way!!!!

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