Go & Other Games

Game of Go

Go sets are always available for players to use, they are kept in the back. Just take one and play! There is a 5$ fee to non-members for usage of the material, but we offer you the first visit free and there are deals if you want to discover the game.

There are meetings for players every Wednesday evening starting at 19h and Sunday from 13h to 18h. From beginners to Pro, we welcome everyone!

There are go books in the shared library that you can read at Senthé. Starting in November 2018, members will be able to borrow the books. We also have a selection on sale in the shop.

Becoming a Senthé member means participating in the development of Go in Montréal. It also gives you the following advantages;

  • No visiting fee
  • Participation in the league with no additional cost
  • Borrowing books
  • Rebates on futur activities (to come)
  • 10% off on buying books
  • VIP advantages during events

Membership fees are the following;

1 month : 20$ regular, 16$ for youth, students and elders

1 year : 225$ regular, 180$ for youth, students and elders

You are invited to join the Facebook Group. You can use the group to look for opponents, organize an activity or simply discuss of anything related to our shared passion of go.



Group classes for children

We offer group go classes for children from 6 to 12 years old (elementary school). We follow the korean step-by-step methode Level Up.

Winter 2019: January 12th to March 23rd (10 weeks, no class on March 9th)

Saturday mornings from 10h30 to 11h45.

Registration cost is 100$+tx per child. Possibility to make 2 payments, rebates for big families.

The Level Up is not included, it is offered to you at 16$+tx instead of the regular 22$+tx.

For more information, you can contact Lydia Gallant by email at lydia.gallant@senthe.ca or by phone at 514-445-3819.

Other games

Senthé has a game shelf in the back of the restaurant, and you are also welcome to bring your own games. To give you an idea; we have scrabble, mikado, monopoly, chess, checkers, mastermind, coup d’état, word games, numbers games, cards, dominoes … Come and play!


Senthé has an official Scrabble club that meets every Tuesday from 13h30 to 15h30.

It is a very friendly social club that plays classic Scrabble for fun. On the last Tuesday of the month, they play Duplicate Scrabble. They also have a Facebook Group, you are welcome to join in!